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The more we learn about the Second World War,
the better our chances that it will be the LAST world war.

Wargame player, collector, and raconteur Sam Parker, upper left; wargamer and Western Illinois University Military History Club President Bob Klannukarn, upper right; WIU Military History Club Advisor CPT Ed Seger, lower right; and me, lower left, demonstrating (ca. 1991) my World War II boardgame GERMAN EAGLE VS. RUSSIAN BEAR, published on ERIC, Educational Resources Information Center, ED 361 256 [microfiche].

NOTE: I have another webpage at http://www.CoatneyHistory.com with many more games and cardstock model ships ... and other things like my own back exercises which ended my lower back pain, a math multiplication table for kids, etc.

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FREE MILITARY/NAVAL HISTORY BOARDGAMES (to print off, assemble, and play):

FREE MODEL SHIP( PLAN)S (to print off):


FREE, PUBLIC DOMAIN U.S. Government ONI (Office of Naval Intelligence) ID recognition manual plans drawings of World War II ships warships naval vessels (Revised, 15Jul07)

FREE Naval Wargaming Scale Selection Program in Pascal Copyright 1997 Louis R. Coatney

PERSONAL INFORMATION PAGE, with Photos -- and resumee (with link to my Katyn Massacre (1940) thesis, completed in 1994).

Cardstock Model Warships

Here is a photo (taken by FINESCALE MODELER photographer Darla Evans and published in that magazine's February 1995 issue) of some of my model ships:

The ships pictured are HMAS PERTH and RNeN TROMP at 1:600 scale and HMS LIVELY, HMS MARKSMAN, USS SIMS, RMS ARTIGLIERE, and HMAS PERTH at 1:700 scale.

I have also designed models the American BENSON/GLEAVES--USS MACOMB--class destroyers, BUTLER (Battle off Samar) class destroyer escorts (DEs), BROOKLYN class light cruisers, and British HUNT class escort destroyers ... and there are more on the launching ways!.

Click here to see some more information about and photos of my model fleet, including a photo of my model of the USS MACOMB, by local aviation painter Robert Johnson, curator of the WIU Geology Museum.

Also, there are articles about my model ships' design and construction
in the May-Jun97 SHIPS IN SCALE and May-June 2000 (U.S. Naval Institute) NAVAL HISTORY magazines.
If you like paper- and cardstock-modelbuilding, I urge you
to join CARDMODEL-L@home.ease.lsoft.com

AND I have designed a simple manual game system for naval miniatures/models--"Naval Action"--so that I can have a FIGHTING model fleet!

I have been doing a graduate level computer science project, under the supervision of WIU professor Dr. Lee Tichenor, converting my game design into (Pascal language) computer format.
See my game-scale selection subprogram, listed above, written in Pascal.

World War II History Boardgames

See the www.Grognard.com webpage for information on almost every wargame ever published. There are a number of writings about my games or by me on Grognard. (I'm especially proud of my review of the classic wargame, STALINGRAD.)

If you are seriously interested in wargaming, you might want to join CONSIM-L@egroups.com by contacting consimlist-subscribe@egroups.com Many prominent wargamers and wargame designers and publishers are on this channel.

You can find me on the http://talk.ConsimWorld.com and NavWarGames@yahoogroups.com wargaming discussion lists.

You can go to descriptions of my games (listed below), if you wish.

Rules for some of my games on other pages:

If you are a friend, and/or if you would like to share info and ideas about military and naval history and game designing and cardstock model shipbuilding, feel free to e-mail me at ELCOAT@Hotmail.com

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