Computer Science for Military History Students and Gamers at WIU

The WIU Computer Science Department Home Page

Computer Science has become a principal department at WIU, with bachelors and masters degrees offered.

Dr. Laurence Leff: is typical of the computer science faculty at WIU. He can be found in the labs at almost any time of the day or night, directly helping students from his own classes or others', while working on his own research projects.
With Laurence's help a friend of mine has even presented papers, as an undergraduate, at academic conferences on programming applications. If you would like to contact Dr. Leff about computer programming application courses and projects at WIU, feel free to e-mail him, at

Dr. Lee Tichenor: is WIU's resident simulation and graphics programming expert. He his currently heading up a WIU project for NASA involving/needing students' programming participation(, and he has just returned from a trip to Houston). Dr. Tichenor has been the project advisor for my effort to adapt my manual naval wargame system to computer format.
Lee has wargamed, himself, and can remember building military miniatures with Game Designers Workshop pioneer Frank Chadwick. He is happy to talk about simulations design & graphics courses and projects at WIU, if you would like to e-mail him, at

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