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Dedication: MOSCOW ATTACKED! is dedicated in remembrance and respect:

My MOSCOW ATTACKED! board wargame is COPYRIGHTED--NOT Public Domain--and FREE
under the following conditions:

Schools, libraries, and museums are free to make and keep copies for in-house educational use or nonpermanent loan/circulation ... in gratitude for the fine education and research assistance I have always received from such institutions.
An individual is free to make one personal copy of MOSCOW ATTACKED! for
his/her own personal use. All other rights--including publishing rights--are reserved to me.

A Request: If you do assemble and play this free game of mine, PLEASE let me know at what you think of it and whether, after more than a couple games, you think one side or the other has an advantage. Thanks!
There is a thread about the game on John Kranz's ConSimWorld wargaming forum. Look under Boardgaming/Individual Game or Series Discussion/Individual Games. (Set the game list to "alphabetical." It really helps.)
Note: If you would like a smaller, simpler, and faster game about the Battle of Moscow, you might look over my new little Moscow Defended! game too.
And now: Here are MOSCOW ATTACKED!'s components, to print off and assemble so that it may be played. Players-students will also need a single six-sided die (or chits numbered 1-6, to be drawn out of a hat) for the randomized combat results tables.
Also: There is another free Battle of Moscow boardgame on the "" website. It is designed by the award winning designer, Frank Chadwick, and reflects his own interpretation of the battle. I'd urge you try Frank's game too, to see how two different designers can each model the battle in his own way.
Now, would you like to go to my home page to see my other games and the cardstock MODEL SHIPS I design? And I have designed other games as well.

If you are a friend, and/or if you would like to share info and ideas about military and naval history and game designing and cardstock model shipbuilding, and/or you have any questions about my MOSCOW ATTACKED! board wargame feel free to write me at: Lou Coatney, 626 Western Ave., Macomb, IL 61455 USA
... or e-mail me at

You may also telephone me at (309)836-1447. You can leave a message and/or your mailing address on my recording machine if I don't answer; but I cannot afford to return calls.

Thanks for your interest in MOSCOW ATTACKED!....:-)

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