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Dedication: STALINGRAD ATTACKED! is dedicated in remembrance and respect:

My STALINGRAD ATTACKED! board wargame is COPYRIGHTED--NOT Public Domain--and FREE
under the following conditions:

Schools, libraries, and museums are free to make and keep copies for in-house educational use or nonpermanent loan/circulation ... in gratitude for the fine education and research assistance I have always received from such institutions.
An individual is free to make one personal copy of STALINGRAD ATTACKED! for
his/her own personal use. All other rights--including publishing rights--are reserved to me.

A Request: If you do assemble and play this free game of mine, PLEASE let me know at what you think of it and whether, after more than a couple games, you think one side or the other has an advantage. Thanks!
There is a thread about the game on John Kranz's ConSimWorld wargaming forum. Look under Boardgaming/Individual Game or Series Discussion/Individual Games. (Set the game list to "alphabetical." It really helps.)
And now: Here are the game's components, to print off and assemble so that it may be played. Players-students will also need a single six-sided die (or chits numbered 1-6, to be drawn out of a hat) for the randomized combat results tables.

Now would you like to go to my home page to see photos of a 1ST ALAMEIN
historical scene and the cardstock MODEL SHIPS I design? And I have designed other games as well.

If you are a friend, and/or if you would like to share info and ideas about military and naval history and game designing and cardstock model shipbuilding, and/or you have any questions about my STALINGRAD ATTACKED! board wargame feel free to write me at: Lou Coatney, 626 Western Ave., Macomb, IL 61455 USA
... or e-mail me at

You may also telephone me at (309)836-1447. You can leave a message and/or your mailing address on my recording machine if I don't answer; but I cannot afford to return calls.

Thanks for your interest in STALINGRAD ATTACKED!....:-)

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