Combat Results and Terrain Effects Tables

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Die Roll........1:51:41:31:2... 1:1...3:22:13:14:15:1 ...7:1......10:1

Note: Attacks at less than 1:5 odds are not allowed.


Important: All UnDispersed German armies and corps adjacent to any Russian units attacking in a given phase ... and all unDispersed Russian armies adjacent to any Axis units attacking in a given phase ... must also be attacked.

Spent units (faced toward opponent) may not move/attack for the rest of the turn.
Dispersed units (flipped upside-down) suffer the same and also a stack of Dispersed defending units is attacked one odds column higher if half of the defending units' total defense factors are Dispersed. Dispersed units' Entrenchments are destroyed and must be rebuilt if/when the unit is again UnDispersed.

Armor Overrun: R2->DE and DE->BR, if attacking armor (minus defending armor)combat strength is 2 times the (terrain-modified) strength of defending infantry (or equal to that of Dispersed infantry). Armor Overrun may be executed against Entrenched defending units but not against Stalingrad.

Surrounded/Retreat Impossible/"No Retreat!" Orders: R1->D (and Exchange possible); R2->DE, DE->BR. The Axis Player may make this decision selectively, for each Russian attack. The Russian Player must make this decision for all his units for each entire turn during his Replacement/Reinforcement/Rail Movement Phase -- except in the case of Russian units defending Stalingrad, for which he may make individual judgments regardless of his front-wide decision for that turn.

Exchange Notes: If both sides agree to an exchange or if one side is in a "No Retreat!" situation and the other wants the exchange, some or all defending units eliminated, if Attacker can lose factors equal to the defenders' basic -- not factor-modified -- defense factors in the ratio indicated by the combat result: D2 = .5X; D1 = X; D = 1.5X; - = 2X; AD = AE.
If they can't, the result becomes just an AE.
The attacker may "bet"/risk (the factors of) just some of his units, without risking all of them, unless he wants to do that, of course.

Armor/Mech Unit "Breakdown" from -- Dispersed by -- combat die roll of 1 for German 1-2 for Russian, when attacking in the post-initial combat phases.

Retreat Routes must be away from the hex(es) attacked in that combat, and no closer to enemy units which attacked it. Defending units may not retreat into a hex adjacent to a hex from which they themselves were attacked, even if it is occuppied by a friendly unit.

Tactical Advances (for attackers only) After Combat, according to weather:
"Pure" armor and cavalry units may tactically advance up to 2 hexes as long as the first one is the defended/vacated hex.
Tac advance after combat is limited to 1 hex for all other units ... and for any unit in Mud.
Tactical advances after a Breakthrough bonus attack are limited to 1 hex for all units.
After attacking units with factors equal to the terrain-modified factor(s) of the defending units have (mandatorily) advanced into the defended hex, other attackers which participated may advance into that hex or into any empty hex adjacent to the defended one.

"Zones of Control:" Units are required to stop when they enter or move through hexes adjacent to unDispersed enemy corps or army level units -- or 2 UnDispersed German divisions -- (even if they are on the other side of a lake or a river, including the Volga). However, supply or rail movement may not be traced through hexes adjacent to any UnDispersed enemy units, unless they're occupied by friendly units or screened by unfrozen lake hexsides or the Volga.

Movement Bonus for Not Moving into the ZOC of an UnDispersed enemy unit or for Not Attacking: Axis units receive a movement bonus of 2 movement factors and Russian units receive a bonus of 3 movement factors.






(Each unSpent unit in the target hex is attacked separately, from the top of the stack to its bottom.)
Target is ...RussianGerman RussianGerman
Die RollAir Unit Air Unit

NOTE: Effects of German air attacks against Russian units on a major city or against Russian armor/tank units anywhere are reduced by 1 on the die roll (or by 2 against Russian units in Stalingrad), but these effects are not cumulative. (Otherwise, terrain effects in this game are cumulative.)
New rule -- Close Air Support: If the bombing German air unit has not been shot down or intercepted, it adds a (further?) shift to ground attacks against Russian units in the hex it's bombing.

NOTE 2: First (only) German bombing raids on Stalingrad (instead of interception or close air support): Rolling a "6" (against either Stalingrad hex) can cause "PANIC!!, which raises the combat odds of every German ground attack by one column for the rest of that gameturn. If both German air units have been allocated to the attack, they are both considered used, even if the first unit rolls the "6." Russian ground units in a Stalingrad hex are then bombed individually by each air unit attacking it. (And ground units are bombed individually in other attacked hexes as well.)

NOTE 3: Both German air units may be combined against any target. Not more than 1 Russian air army may attack each hex or (intercepting) German .


German air units may bomb any hex up to 6 hexes away from a supplied Axis ground unit -- or Stalingrad at any range.
Russian air armies may attack any hex up to 4 hexes away from a supplied Russian ground unit or any Russian city not last occupied by Axis ground units. Like the German Fliegerkorps, Russian air armies do not have to be based on the map.
Air units may bomb only in the owning player's combat phase. They may intercept during the opposing player's combat or supply phase.



TERRAIN EFFECTS (cumulative):On Combat.....On Movement
RailroadsNone.Undispersed/Unspent (or replacement) Russian units may move an unlimited number of hexes. They are Dispersed at the completion of their rail movement. No rail movement in 1st turn!
Across Stream, if unfrozenUnless any attackers are on same side, the combat odds of attacks are reduced by one columnNo effect.
Across Don River, if unfrozenUnless any attackers are on same side, Axis units' defense factors increased by a multiple while the combat odds of Axis attacks against Russian units are reduced by one column. No Armor Overrun.+1 MvmtFctr to cross or attack
Pz/Tk/Mot/Mech: +2 MFs.
Across Volga River, if unfrozenOnly infantry-type units may attack across, and their total attack factor is halved. If frozen, no effect.All movement factor to move or attack.
Across Lake, if unfrozenOnly infantry, shock, and paras may attack--at half-strength--across. If frozen, no effect.Movement limited to 1 hex, to cross, if unfrozen.
Field Fortifications
+1 defense factor for each infantry-type unit, including divisions.None.
Hills+1 defense factor for each infantry-type unit.None.
StalingradEach Russian infantry-type unit doubled on defense -- automatically Entrenched -- even when Dispersed, and Stalingrad also has an intrinsic, additional (and exchangeable) defense factor of 1 per hex. D2 and D1 combat results become just D, except for computing an exchange.
For Axis, same as for Major City.

For both, no Armor Overrun and always supplied on defense.
Major City+1-2 defense factors if matched by infantry units, plus other terrain benefits. No further fortification/Entrenchment.None.
City+1 defense factor for 1 infantry-type unit."Clear terrain," unless other terrain present.
TownSee Snow rule.None



Note: A unit must attack in the phase it is moved (if it ever is going to attack during that turn) and is faced toward the opponent after doing so.

A unit may be operationally moved only once per gameturn by the owning player.
A unit may additionally be tactically moved after each combat it participates in, on attack or defense.
A ground unit may attack only once per gameturn (unless it gets one more Breakthrough attack upon a "BR" combat result). It may defend (and retreat) as many times as it is attacked. Once a unit operationally moves/attacks, it is considered Spent and may not do so again during the rest of the gameturn.
An air unit may be used only once, for one of the following missions, during a gameturn:


. "STACKING" Limits:


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