Additional Information about and Photos of
Lou Coatney's Cardstock Model Ships

Here is a photo, by Macomb IL aviation artist Bob Johnson, of my 1:300 cardstock model of the BENSON/GLEAVES class destroyer USS MACOMB:


Feel free to pull up other photos of my cardstock model ships:

Designing and Making Cardstock Model Warships

I photocopy the plans (of the hull, superstructure, stack, and turret pieces) onto heavy paper cardstock--usually light gray. I then crease, cut out, fold and roll, and assemble these components. I have to fabricate the detailed equipment--gun tubes, searchlights, masts, AA guns, lifeboats, aircraft, etc.--from other materials, usually.

I have written up general and specific instructions, and I can make these models whenever I want ... at whatever scale. (1:1250 seems to be about the smallest practical scale. 1:300, for destroyers, is the largest I have attempted so far.) This is a an entirely different technique from plastic modeling, and patience and flexibility are required. The rewards are great, however: finally, I am able to build the model warships I have always wanted to ... and inexpensively!

Here are my General Instructions for constructing cardstock model warships.
(Suggestions for changes and additions are always welcome.)

Unfortunately, designing cardstock model ships is considerably more difficult than constructing them. The hull, especially--with its compound curves, sheer and tumblehome--defies even 3-D CAD programs in the effort to make its 3-D configuration transform/conform to a 2-D shape. Intensive test-building is required when designing cardstock model ships, and a design flaw usually doesn't show itself until the model is completely built ... sort of..

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