Your free British HUNT Type 1 Escort Destroyer
and German "Raubvogel Klasse" torpedoboot

Dedication: This model ship (plan) is dedicated to the members of the Royal and Commonwealth navies who fought the German Kriegsmarine in the English Channel, North Sea, and other northern coastal waters during the Second World War.

But first ... Pros and Cons of Cardstock Paper vs. Plastic Models

NOTE: This Cardstock Model Ship Plan is COPYRIGHTED--NOT Public Domain--
and FREE only under the following conditions:

Schools and museums are free to make and keep copies for in-house educational use ... in gratitude for the fine education and research assistance I have always received from such institutions.
An individual is free to make these models for his/her own personal use.
All other rights--including publishing rights--are reserved to me: Louis R. Coatney.

And NOW ...
Your free British HUNT Type 1 Escort Destroyer(s) and German "Raubvogel Klasse" torpedoboot(en) ... For you to Build and Keep

Photo of HUNT Type 1 models at 1:300, 1:600, and 1:1200 scales.


1:600 -- 50 ft. per inch, producing models about 5.5 inches/15cms long --
or 1:700 (which would be 1/2 the length of 1:350 on the Scale Selector)
is a good length for a beginning cardstock shipmodeler.

Also, begin by building a gun turret rather than the hull ...
making as many tries as necessary until you are satisfied.
This is a MUCH faster, simpler, and more satisfying way
to begin learning cardstock construction.

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