Combat Results and Terrain Effects Tables

Copyright 2005 Louis R. Coatney

Die Roll. 1:4 .. 1:3 . 1:2 .. 1:1 ..3:2 ..2:1 .3:1 .4:1 .5:1 ..7:1...10:1

NOTE: Attacks below 1:4 odds are not allowed.


All Undispersed German units (and units stacked with those) adjacent to any attacking Russian units must be attacked. The same does not apply to Russian or Axis ally units.

Dispersed units (flipped upside-down) may not move/attack. Attacks against Dispersed units are raised by 1 combat odds column. Dispersed units do get defensive combat terrain advantages.

EXchange notes:
X = some or all defending units eliminated, if Attacker can lose factors equal to their factor-modified defense factors. (If not, the result becomes just an AE.)
Surviving attacking units may advance as for a DR result.
Germans may choose to exchange (after die roll) when attacking in Good or Hard Frost weather, at the following rates: DR = 0.5 times the defending Russian factors, DW = 1.0 times, dw = 2.0 times, - = 3.0 times

NOTE: In Axis attacks, the Axis Player may never use Hungarian, Italian or Romanian units for eXchange.
In defense eXchange loss decisions, he may.

SURROUNDED and ARMOR OVERRUN -- Retreat Impossible: DR->DE, DE->BR
(Armor Overrun is possible when armored units' strength are more than twice the strength of defending infantry/rifle units (unsupported by armor units) in terrain where they have no defensive advantages, in Good (or, for Soviets, Snow) weather.)

NO RETREAT! ORDERS -- (BR->BR,) DE->BR, DR->DE, DW->D, dw->-
Russians may give such orders, but only to all units for an entire turn. Germans can give such orders to individual German units at any time, but may not give such orders to Axis ally units.

RETREAT ROUTES must be away from attacked hex, not into an EZOC (unless it is occupied by a friendly unit no longer under attack), and no closer to the enemy units which attacked it. Attacker determines retreat route.

TACTICAL ADVANCES (for attackers only) AFTER COMBAT, according to weather:

A unit may be operationally moved and/or used in an attack only once per gameturn by the owning player.
A friendly unit may additionally be tactically advanced (or an opposing defending unit tactically retreated) -- tactically moved -- as many times as required by the combat result(s).

"Stacking" Limits:

Operational Movement and Zones Of Control (ZOCs):

TERRAIN EFFECTS:On Combat.....On Movement
Across River,
if unfrozen
Each defending unit receives a 1 column shift down) in the combat odds, unless any attacking units are on the same side of the river. For any stacks containing German units, this is a 2 column shift..No effect.
Across Lake, if unfrozenOnly infantry may attack--at half-strength--across.Movement limited to 1 hex.
Swamp, if unfrozenSee stacking limitations against armor. Defending Russian infantry units have 1 factor added to their defense factors.None.
Hills+1 defense factor for each infantry unit.None.
MountainsFortress City defense factor bonuses for all infantry-type units. See eXchange rule. Stacking penalties as for unfrozen swamp.
Across Kerch StraitsAs for Across-Lake, if attacking without control of Black Sea.
Attacker only suffers 1-column odds shift penalty with control of Black Sea.
Movement across same as for across unfrozen Lake.
Stalin Line and other fortification lines Starting Aug41, +1 defense factor for each Russian infantry unit -- unless flanked.None. This is hex-edge terrain, only.
FortressEach Russian infantry unit receives +1 defense factor. None.
RoadNo effect. Bonus of 1 movement hex to infantry. Armor and motorized units may move 2 road hexes for every movement factor expended.
[Underlined] Victory CityDefense factors of all units doubled, including fortification bonuses. Plus, Leningrad and Moscow have 2 additional, intrinsic defense factors (until taken) -- other victory cities 1.None.
[Block] Major City+1 defense factor for each infantry unit, in addition to any fortification bonuses.None.
[Dot] City+1 defense factor for each infantry army or infantry corps.None
[Small circle] TownNone. Rail movement effect only.None.
Note: Defensive terrain advantages are cumulative.