Air Combat Table

Copyright 2005 Louis R. Coatney

(Each unSpent unit in the target hex is attacked separately, from the top of the stack to its bottom.)
Target is ...RussianGerman RussianGerman
Die RollAir Unit Air Unit


Air units may bomb only once (and one more time, if accompanying breakthrough units after a BR result) in the owning player's combat phase. They may also intercept during the opposing player's combat or supply phase.

NOTE 1: Effects of German attacks against Russian units in swamp or on a major city or against Russian armor/tank units anywhere are reduced by 1 on the die roll (or by 2 against Russian units in Moscow), but these effects are not cumulative. (Otherwise, terrain effects in this game are cumulative.)
Close Air Support: If the bombing German air unit has not been shot down or intercepted, it adds a (further?) shift to ground attacks against Russian units in the hex it's bombing. German (only) air units may even continue to give BReakthrough-attacking Axis units close air support, although in this case they don't (have time to) preliminarily bomb the defending units beforehand as in normal combat.

NOTE 2: German bombing raids on Moscow may be made during either the "Prepared Attacks" or "Operational ..." combat phase. Rolling a "6" can cause "PANIC!!, which raises the combat odds of every German attack by one column for the rest of that gameturn. If both German air units have been allocated to the attack, they are both considered used, even if the first unit rolls the "6." Russian ground units in Moscow are then bombed individually by each attacking air unit. (And ground units are bombed individually in their attacked hexes.)
Moscow can be bombed at any range.

NOTE 3: All German air units may be combined against any target, if the Axis Player wishes. Not more than 1 Russian air unit may attack each target.