Combat Results and Terrain Effects Tables, 15Feb13

Copyright 2007 Louis R. Coatney


Die Roll........1:51:41:31:2... 1:1...3:22:13:14:15:1 ...7:1......10:1

Note: Attacks at less than 1:5 odds are not allowed.


Important: All UnDisrupted German armies ... adjacent to any Russian units attacking in a given phase ... must be attacked.

SPENT units (faced toward opponent) may not move/attack for the rest of the turn.
DISRUPTED units (flipped upside-down) suffer the same and also a stack of defending units is attacked one odds column higher if half of the defending units' basic/unmodified defense factors are Disrupted. Disrupted units can be armor-overrun even in forest and major cities in the appropriate weather. They remain disrupted until their special recovery phase.

Armor Overrun: DX->DE if attacking armor (minus defending armor)is 2 times the (terrain-modified) strength of defending infantry (or equal to that of Disrupted infantry) in Good (or, for the Russians, Snow) weather.

Surrounded/Retreat Impossible: DR & DX become DE.

Retreat routes must be away from attacked hex, and no closer to enemy units which attacked it. Defenders may not retreat into a hex adjacent to a hex from which they were attacked.

Tactical Advances (for attackers only) after combat:
Tac advance after combat is limited to 1 hex for all units. After attacking units with factors equal to the terrain-modified factor(s) of the defending units have (manditorily) advanced into the defended hex, other attackers which participated may advance into that hex or into any empty hex adjacent to the defended one.

"Zone Of Control" (ZOC): Units must stop when they enter the first hex adjacent to an UnDisrupted enemy German army/group or Russian front unit, called "superior" units. A unit may not operationally move directly from one ZOC to another of the same UnDisrupted superior unit, unless it is a German army/group unit or a German unit moving with one of those and even then its movement may be only 1 hex and not eastward across a defense/fortification line. Supply or rail movement may not be traced through hexes adjacent to an UnDisrupted enemy superior unit, unless they're occupied by friendly units or screened by unfrozen lake hexsides.

Operational Movement: Tank/Panzer units may move 2 (and attack), except only 1 in Mud for German Panzers. (See bonus rule below, for them to move 1 additional hex without attacking.) All other units may operationally move (to attack) 1.

Operational Movement Bonus: All units which are moved but are not going to attack receive an operational movement bonus of 1, regardless of unit type or weather and are then Spent. German infantry units during Blitzkrieg may not move to attack at all. They may move their bonus instead of attacking (or tactically advance after combat) and are then Spent.

"STACKING" Limits:
TERRAIN EFFECTS:On Combat.....On Movement
RoadsNone.If moving road-to-road, units move 1 additional hex. Only the Smolensk-Moscow road is serviceable in Mud.
RailroadsNone.UnDisrupted/Unspent (or replacement) Russian units may move an unlimited number of hexes. They are Disrupted at the completion of their rail movement.
Across River,
if unfrozen
Unless any attackers are on same side, the cross-river attacks' combat odds are reduced by one columnNo effect.
Across Lake,
if unfrozen
Only infantry, shock, and paras may attack--at half-strength--across. If frozen, no effect.
ForestNo Armor Overrun against UnDisrupted units. German air support only +1 odds column.None.
Defense/ Fortification Lines+1 defense factor if any Russian armies and fronts behind -- unless flanked. None. West-facing hex-edge terrain, only.
Moscow and TulaAll Russian infantry, shock, and paras doubled on defense. Moscow additionally has an intrinsic, additional defense factor of 2 -- Tula, 1. No Armor Overrun against UnDisrupted units. Always supplied. UnDisrupted defending Russian units are Disrupted by a DX or DR, but not retreated. (Already Disrupted Russian units are.) However, if the target city is surrounded, where a DR elsewhere would result in a DE, then the Germans need only lose half the factors they otherwise would - fraction rounded up - if they choose to EXchange.
For defending Germans, same as for Major City.
Major CityUp to 2 defense factors for infantry, shock, front, or para units, if matched. No Armor Overrun against UnDisrupted units.None.
City+1 defense factor for any one 1 infantry, shock, front, or para unit. Plus otherterrain benefits."Clear terrain," unless other terrain present.
TownSee Snow rule for towns and cities.None

Note:Terrain effects are cumulative.


SETTING UP THE GAME TO BEGIN: Starting positions are noted on the map, except the Russian 4. Parachute Korps starts on Kaluga and the German Player may place his korps-level units anywhere on his side of the starting line. "R" marked Russian reinforcement units enter the game as scheduled on the calendar or earlier with the Siberian Reserve risk.

(15Jul07, rev. 15Feb13)