1ST ALAMEIN Game Description: Historical Background and the Play of the Game

Copyright 1997 Louis R. Coatney
Historical background:
1ST ALAMEIN is an educational 2-player operational level military history game simulating the historical decision-making situations of Allied and Axis commanders in Egypt, in July 1942. Although one player must serve as the Axis commander--personified by General, and then Field Marshal Erwin Johann Rommel ("The Desert Fox")--this is accepted in the spirit of learning. (It must never be forgotten that Rommel, a German national hero, was serving--however bravely and competently--*Nazi Germany*--along with Bushido Japan and Soviet Russia, three of the most evil totalitarian regimes ever to afflict humanity. However, it should also be remembered--to Rommel's credit--that he died on Adolf Hitler's orders, after it was discovered that he had supported the July 1944 attempt to assassinate Hitler.)

1ST ALAMEIN is intended to be a basic introduction to the study of military history through manual simulation games--board wargaming.

The scale of the game is: 1 day of real time per game-turn, approximately 6 miles/10 kilometers per hexagonal space width, and brigade-to-division (8,000-15,000 men) unit scale.
Play of the Game:
Although 1ST ALAMEIN may initially appear to be a complex game, it can be easily and enjoyably learned, as long as you learn and play its system one step at a time and remember how it is intended to model history. The game is basically a traditional, 2-player, alternating turn, boardgame--possessing a unique system of play, reflecting the nature of World War II desert warfare.

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